J&S Machine is dedicated to transforming Stock OLDS
Heads to a FORCE to be reckoned with.Do you want your Stock heads to out
Perform                                    whats available in aluminum?! Then your search is over!
 Finished J&S MACHINE Stage I-IV OLDS
   cylinder heads FLOW  225  CFM to 300 CFM +
ALL New guides installed

Combustion chambers cleaned up   for
max.  CFM
Install  hard seats for many YEARS of        service
and the ability to run unleaded fuel
J&S Machine Stage II heads go for 1350. cores MAY be available at extra cost.
Machine work:( Bake,Blast ,Mag ,chase threads,on castings)
Install, new guides or rework as needed,8 hard ex seats (unleaded fuel),block heat risers(if    
desired).Street/Strip intake & exhaust port 260+cfm (great for street driven vehicles equal or
better   than stock aluminum heads).3 angle v/job , resurface,assemble.
16 Swirl polished SS int. & ex. valves,8 hard ex. seats ,16 thick wall cast guides , 16 HP valve   
springs good to .550 lift hydraulic or solid cam , 16 chromolly retainers, new keepers , and valve   
Weld center divider for better ex. flow and better seal when running headers etc.. 75
UPGRADES TO STAGE III 1650. STAGE IV.2000.(all out race)
ALL new intake seats (for MANY yrs of service) + added performance. 100.
machine for 3/8 or 7/16 screw in studs , 80. Bronze guides .100.Roller Springs 10 degree  locks      

STAGE I Head service ,castings MAY be available direct from J&S CALL with your needs.
Machine Work includes :
Bake,Blast,Mag castings.Chase all threads , Clean-up exhaust port area by removing AIR bumps,
Port Below the valve in bowl area,clean up around guide .Machine and install Hard   exhaust seats   
(unleaded fuel )ALL new Guides.Special Bowl cutters and Combustion /chamber cutters designed bt
Jim @ J&S for ultimate flow !! Resurface heads for absolute best sealing surface.   
NEW Parts includes:
High quality High Performance type replacement, valve springs,seals,chrome moly retainers
Premium S/S undercut swirl polished valves.
Blocking of heat risers cast iron plugs for S/S (75. extra)
Welding center divider (100.extra) call jim with questions -309-361-0907 shipping (extra)

Finishing the product-CC ing the Chambers